Should You Schedule an HVAC Repair or Replacement?

Should you schedule an HVAC repair or replacement? It’s a common question that includes several factors for making the correct decision. Most homeowners will face the decision of whether to repair or replace their HVAC unit at some point. 

When considering an HVAC repair or replacement, we have a few factors to consider for making the best decision for your heating and cooling system needs. As leading providers of AC services in New Orleans, LA, and the surrounding areas, Duggan’s AC & Heating is here to help you when you need to schedule HVAC services.

HVAC Repair or Replacement?


Safety should be your top priority when it comes to your HVAC system. If your heating and cooling system presents a safety concern, you should replace it, especially if the repair will be costly and temporary. 

For example, if you have a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace, it presents the danger of leaking carbon monoxide. This situation isn’t a risk worth taking, as it may leak into your home and be potentially fatal. However, a simple HVAC repair, such as a stuck valve, will require low repair costs. 


One of the most significant factors when deciding between HVAC repair or replacement is the lifespan of your unit. On average, an air conditioning unit lasts 15-20 years, a heat pump around 16 years, and a furnace between 15-20 years. 

Sometimes, your HVAC technician will write down the installation date on the unit. Otherwise, you can check inside the unit’s chamber door for a metal plate containing the serial and model numbers. Then, you can call the manufacturer’s customer service line and ask for the date it was manufactured. 

If your unit is more than 20 years old, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should replace your HVAC system. The published HVAC life expectancy ranges are averages, meaning many will continue operating beyond 20 years. For example, if you spent your last 10 winters down south, you didn’t use your unit during the frigid months, so it should last longer.


An HVAC unit that isn’t efficiently running won’t provide optimal heating and cooling service to your space. If you notice that some rooms in your home aren’t heating or cooling to the temperatures you set on your thermostat, you may have an inefficient HVAC system.

In addition, older systems may be more likely to have difficulties heating and cooling your entire home. If you have an HVAC system that isn’t effective in regulating your home’s temperature, an HVAC technician can determine the cause. Then, you’ll have to consult them to decide whether or not it’s better to choose an HVAC repair or replacement for your home.

Breakdown Frequency

If deciding between an HVAC repair or replacement, consider how often you must schedule HVAC services for your unit. Ongoing maintenance and repairs for older units can add up, so paying for frequent repairs on older systems doesn’t make sense.

Instead, installing a new HVAC unit can boost your home’s air quality while offering lower energy bills. Newer air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC units have increased energy efficiency, saving energy and lessening your environmental impact. 

Repair Costs

When considering an HVAC repair or replacement, the amount of money you spend on repair costs should be a factor in your decision. If you pay a significant amount of money for your unit’s repairs, purchasing a new unit may be more cost-effective. 

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