Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Heat pumps provide comprehensive heating and cooling solutions for homes and businesses throughout the New Orleans area. They also ensure high air quality and energy efficiency to provide energy savings.

Like any HVAC system, they work to allow proper airflow in your home or business when you need it. As such, scheduling a heat pump installation  can lead to many benefits for keeping your home comfortable year-round.

However, like any equipment, heat pumps require routine maintenance service to ensure adequate airflow in your space. Duggan’s AC & Heating has professional heat pump maintenance contractors who can perform proper maintenance to give you a well-maintained heat pump.

We offer a range of heating and cooling solutions, including our full array of heat pump maintenance services, in New Orleans, LA. Additionally, our service area includes the following locations:

  • Kenner, LA
  • Metairie, LA
  • Marrero, LA
  • Gretna, LA
  • Belle Chasse, LA
  • Chalmette, LA
  • Meraux, LA
  • Bernard, LA
  • Rose, LA

What to Expect From Our Heat Pump Maintenance Professionals

Scheduling regular maintenance is vital to keeping your heat pump system in good working condition. Our team of heat pump maintenance professionals has the knowledge and experience to keep heat pumps working correctly.

As part of our professional heat pump maintenance services, we complete the following steps:

  • Clean outdoor coils attached to your outdoor unit
  • Check your outdoor unit is clear of leaves, branches, and other obstructions
  • Inspect air filters and indoor coil connections
  • Check for any duct leakage or refrigerant leaks
  • Confirm that your heat pump is receiving adequate airflow
  • Lubricate motors, inspect belts, and tighten connections if needed
  • Ensure correct electric control, make sure heating is blocked when the thermostat calls for cooling, and vice versa
  • Test your programmable thermostat, electric terminals, and refrigerant charge

Our experienced heat pump maintenance professionals offer a complete preventative maintenance inspection to ensure your heat pump is ready for the heating and cooling season. When you need peace of mind from the best heat pump maintenance services in New Orleans, LA, trust the team at Duggan’s AC & Heating.

Residential Heat Pump Maintenance

You rely on your heat pump to regulate your home’s heating and cooling process. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule residential heat pump maintenance to avoid costly heat pump repairs later.

When you need heat pump maintenance services in New Orleans, LA, count on Duggan’s AC & Heating to send a skilled HVAC technician to check your system. Our routine maintenance will check your heat pump’s components, from inspecting your thermostat to ensuring it has the correct refrigerant charge.

How Often Should Heat Pumps Be Serviced?

We recommend that you schedule residential heat pump maintenance twice per year, ideally in the spring to prepare for summer and in the fall to get it ready for the heating season. Regular heat pump services will prepare your unit for the change of seasons in New Orleans.

Commercial Heat Pump Maintenance

You depend on your heat pump system to keep your business comfortable year-round. When you need reliable air conditioning during the hot New Orleans summer, Duggan’s AC & Heating has a certified HVAC technician that can perform thorough preventative maintenance.

We offer complete heat pump maintenance services in New Orleans, LA, including commercial heat pump maintenance for your business. Scheduling regular commercial heat pump maintenance ensures your unit’s energy consumption is at peak levels.

Heat Pump Tune-Ups

To help your heating and cooling system work properly, we recommend scheduling a heat pump tune-up at least once a year. Compared to routine maintenance, a tune-up is a more thorough check of your system’s components.

An annual heat pump tune-up includes replacing the air filter, cleaning, and lubricating components such as the indoor coil. In addition to heat pump maintenance services in New Orleans, LA, let Duggan’s AC & Heating send an HVAC technician to complete an annual tune-up on your heat pump.

Your Trusted Heat Pump Maintenance Company

As a dependable and trusted HVAC company in New Orleans, residents and business owners rely on us for complete air conditioner and heater maintenance. We’re a heat pump maintenance company you can trust for quality work and fair prices.

Your HVAC system helps you stay comfortable during the cooling and heating season every year. By scheduling routine maintenance service with Duggan’s AC & Heating, you have the best heat pump maintenance company in the region in your corner. We provide heat pump services to New Orleans, Kenner, Metairie, Marrero, Gretna, Belle Chasse, Chalmette, Meraux, St. Bernard, and St. Rose, LA.

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